Thursday, July 24, 2008


First were gonna start of by posting a threatening letter that Samuel J Lonewolf e-mailed to Master Aguiar. see's like Marty Cale likes to hang out with Felon's and Frauds
The letter
From: sam lonewolf Subject: Supreme
Grandmaster of Shit William Aguiar IITo: "WilliamAguiarII"
Cc: "GrandmasterLawrenceDay"
Date: Thursday, June 5, 2008, 3:47 PMSupreme Grandmaster
of Shit William Aguiar,II,First of all you were not even born when Gradnmaster
Keehan died. Therefore youcan't even prove your are the Supreme Grandmaster of
the Black DragonFighting Society. You don't even know the Honorble Men who are
even in thebook with Grandmaster John Keehan aka Counte Dante. Second
I know
this, becauseI am one of the students who goes back to the Phoenix,Az. days and
the USKA. Sothat makes me one of the oldest living student of the Honorable
GrandmasterJohn Keehan. I sent you an email once before, and I issued you a
directchallenge; and you fat little piece of shit didn't even answer it. And
youresently lost in court to Mr. Webb. And now we all know you as a drug
junkieand you were resently caught by the law for pocession of it. Here is my
newchallenge, don't be sending emails to anyone else and come to Nashville
andface me face to face and lets get it on. I am tired of your shit and am ready
toface you once and for all. In front of a bonified group of Grandmaster,
Masters and Yudansha. So my invitation, is come toNashville and lets get it on
you and I.; you piece of shit and bring yourbodyguard the so-called Mad Monk.
That way I can whip the shit out of both ofyou. Because both
you are a little
pieces of fat turds. Supreme Grandmaster ofShit.From Your Nightmare,Grandmaster
Samuel Joseph Lonewolf P.S. I still count coupe and take scalps. So remember
this I don'thave to touch to scare you or hurt you. I am a bonified Heyoka.
So this is Marty cale's bio were it doesn't say nothing about John keehan nor anything about the BDFS, once again the International geritol BDFS has another fraud and criminal to its fake ranks.
Professor Marty Cale is a career professional in the martial arts with three decades experience in a variety of disciplines. He holds a 10th Degree Black Belt in White Tiger Kenpo Karate and American Combat Kickboxing, a 6th Degree Black Belt in Jujitsu, a 4th Degree Black Belt in Okinawa Te, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kobudo, 2nd Degree Black Belt in American Karate, 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a cartifed Law Enforcement Tactics Instructor, certified Cane Master, Certified instructor in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's Martial Art) and Krav Maga, the official Israeli Military Self Defense System.
He is founder of the International Martial Arts Council of America and Director of the United States Martial arts Hall of Fame. He is recognized internationally for his achievements and is a member of several national and international martial arts associations and holds a position on their Board of Directors as well. Professor Cale has been inducted into 3 national and international Hall of Fames and holds memberships in 4 major Grandmaster / Sokeship Councils including the United States Grandmasters Council, the Suprememe Sokeship Grandmasters Council, The International Martial Arts Head Founders Grandmasters Association and the World Head of Society Heads and Founders Society of International Styles, headquarterd in Kobe, Japan.
Although Professor Cale actively teaches a number of martial arts disciplines to adults, including regular weekly scheduled classes and private classes, he has the most fun teaching children. He was the first martial arts instructor in the state of Arkansas to teach martial arts as a required course for all elementary students K-5th Grade at nine different grade schools in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Professor Marty Cale was one of the youngest martial artist to ever receive the title of Professor. He recieved this title in 1995 from on of his original instructors, A.E. Weiss before his passing in 1996. Since then Professor Cale has been given the Honorary Degree of PH.D. by numerous martial arts instructors, associations and Professors of Continuing Education Programs before earning his PH.D. in Martial Science.
Martial Art Ranks
White Tiger Kenpo Karate 10th Degree Black BeltAmerican Combat Kickboxing 10th Degree Black Belt (Honorary)Jujitsu 6th Degree Black BeltOkinawa Te 4th Degree Black BeltKobudo 3rd Degree Black BeltAmerican Karate 2nd Degree Black BeltTae Kwon Do 1st Degree Black BeltJeet Kune Do Certified InstructorKrav Maga Certified InstructorLaw Enforcement Tactics Certified InstructorCane Masters, Master Instructor
International Martial Arts Council Of America, Founder and PresidentArkansas State Martial Arts Circuit (ASMAC), Founder and PresidentUnited State Martial Arts Association, International Board of DirectorsUnited States Martial Arts Hall of Fame, DirectorInternational Society of Martial Arts, MemberUSA & Okinawa Karate Systems, Midwest Regional DirectorUnited States of America Southern Karate Association, Regional DirectorNational Tae Kwon Do Federation of America, Weapons DirectorAmerican Association of Krav Maga Instructors, Arkansas DirectorInternational Karate Kobudo Association, MemberCane Masters International Association, MemberNational Association of Professional Martial Artist, MemberMartial Arts Industry Association, Member
Hall of Fames
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame 2000, 2001International Karate Kobudo / World Martial Arts League - 2001Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame - 2001SOKESHIP / GRANDMASTERS ASSOCIATIONS:International Martial Arts Headfounders / Grandmasters Association 2000United States Grandmasters Council 2001Supreme Sokeship Grandmasters Council 2001World Head of Society - Heads & Founders Society of International StylesKobe, Japan International Instructor- Life Member - 2001.

Monday, July 21, 2008


If your rank doesn't come from master aguiar then it isn't real. Seems Like Lawrence Day is giving out rank in the BDFS FAKES AND FRAUDS.

Prof. John Ward Ph.D
John Ward started Martial Arts with Kenpo in the early 1970’s at Dublin’s famous High Street Club. Earliest Kenpo instructors included John “Jackie” Skelton, Richie O’Connor and Barney Coleman. He graded for his black belt in Kenpo in 1990 under Mr.Tommy Flynn and Alan Corrigan, and joined the IKKA in 1991. He has fond memories of training with GrandMaster Edmund K. Parker 3 times before his passing. An experience that has inspired and influenced him to this day.
John has encountered a multitude of styles over the years and has also studied Aikido, Wing Tsun, Jiu Jitsu and Kyusho. He was tested and ranked as a 6th degree in the International Kenpo Karate Association, He was awarded a 6th degree in the A.K.J.U. by Grandmaster Don Madden, and holds an honorary 7th degree in Ty – Ga Karate International, a 7th Degree in the Zen Kenpo Ryu association Under Grandmaster Martin Rogers And has recently been promoted to 8th degree by Grandmaster Lawrence Day and Grandmaster Ernie Reynolds of The Black Dragon Fighting Society.
Most recent achievements include the: 2006 E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A., "International Martial Arts Ambassador Award" , 2005 "Diamond Crystal award of Spirit" E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. 2004 “International Award of Excellence” Presented at the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. International Black belt Hall of Fame The Zen Kenpo Ryu “International Instructor of the Year”2004 presented in Portsmouth U.K. Earning his Doctorate PhD. in Advanced Martial Arts Studies presented in Pittsburgh USA, 2003; Receiving the Pinnacle of Success Award in 2002,(E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A) International Instructor of the Year in 2001 and induction into the E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A. International Black belt Arts Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh USA in 2001.
He is proud to be the Irish representative for E.U.S.A.I.M.A.A`s.International Blackbelt Hall Of Fame, the E.A.C. member for Martial Aid for Bosnia, Republic of Ireland representative for the Zen Kenpo Ryu association ,the European representative for the A.K.J.U., Irish representative for the Black Dragon Fighting Society.
Martial Artists who have influenced his journey include Edmund K Parker, John Sepulveda, Edward Downey, Skip Hancock, Don Madden, Martin Rogers, Paul Dye, Doreen Cogliandro, Lawrence Day, Dessie McMenamin, He has taught in Australia, Mexico the United Kingdom , Northern Ireland, Jersey, Holland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles. John extends his hand in respect and friendship to all the Martial Artists, past, present and future who are sincere in the practice and promotion of their art to the highest of standards with an interest in knowledge, sharing, community, and no politics or egos.
Prof. John Ward – Chief Instructor Ward Kenpo Schools
Rank: 6th degree Kenpo, 6th degree A.K.J.U., Honorary ,7th degree in TY –GA,Karate International and 7th degree Zen Kenpo Ryu. 8th Degree, Black Dragon Fighting Society .
Years in training: 34 years
Main Style: Kenpo and growing
Other Styles Practiced: Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Wing Tsun, and Kyusho
First trained in: Dublin’s famous High Street Club in the early 70’s
Original Instructors: John “Jackie” Skelton, Richie O’Connor, Barney Coleman,
Graded for Black Belt: 1990 under Tommy Flynn & Allan Corrigan
Martial Artists most influenced by: The late Edmund K. Parker, John Sepulveda, Edward Downey, Don Madden, Martin Rogers, Dessie Mc Menamin ,Skip Hancock, Paul Dye, Doreen Cogliandro Lawrence Day,
IKKA member since: 1991 to its demise.

Friday, July 18, 2008


If you notice that The Diploma by Master Aguiar Jr has the same number for registration number as the Felkoff diploma. Floyd Webb took this diploma off his blogspot thinking no one would have it,I do. Felkoff if a fake and was never was in the BDFS. John Keehan didn't even like him and he was one of the men during the Dojo war that ran.
He wants to cash in on someone who Keehan hated and knew Felkoff was not a very good. Felkoff was a friends with Jim Konsevic.
In his bio he never mentioned The BDFS at all.

Master M.C. Felkoff was born in 1938 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a
Vietnam Veteran and started his martial arts training in Hawaii in the Sixties.
He is a world-class instructor and pioneer of the oriental martial arts in the
United States, having studied and taught the arts for over forty years. He is
known for his no-nonsense approach to teaching self-defense and is truly an
expert in the utilization of principle. In the Sixties and Seventies, Master
Felkoff was active in tournaments both as a competitor, coach, and
Presently his emphasis has been the Chinese systems of short and long
fist, as well as the Internal Arts of Tai-Chi Chuan, Pa-kua, and Hsing-I Chuan.
Master Felkoff has taught hundreds of students during his career in the Midwest,
California, and Nevada, with many who have become well-known competitors and
Master Felkoff has studied a broad range of martial arts which
include: Jujitsu, Shotokan Karate, Kenpo in Hawaii; and Ki Aikido under Koichi
Tohei Sensei, Tai-Chi, Pa-kua; and Hsing-I Chuan under Professor Chi-Kuang Huo,
Tai-Chi Chuan under General Li-Ming Zou and Tai-Chi Chuan; Pa-kua, and Hsing-I
Chuan under Grand Master Lu Hung-Ping.
Master Felkoff was the founder of the
Chinese Cultural Center in Chicago, Illinois as well as the founder of the
Phoenix Holistic Healing Foundation, Inc. [this is a tax deductible charitable
foundation and school pursuant to 26 USC 501 (c) (3) et seqq.] in Las Vegas,
Master Felkoff has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and
television appearances over the years. He also produced an excellent
instructional video on Tai-Chi Chuan, specifically a short Chi Kung form
entitled, The Seven Golden Movements, which is from the “Secret Family Style” of
Master Felkoff currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada where he teaches
students on a selected basis only.
Master Felkoff can be contacted by E-mail
at: or by Phone at: (702)
So once again a fake is exposed Mike Felkoff got a friend killed and now he is a disgrace to the martial arts.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Has anyone heard of a Samuel J. Lone Wolf? He is opening a dojo in my Area, Palestine, Texas. I have been wanting to study Kenpo and was curious if anyone here knows any info on him? I talked to him over the phone and he gives a good first impression, but thought it would be good to do a little research.

He apparently used to be affiliated with Tracy kenpo, since he said he was no longer affiliated with them.... His last name is Lone Wolf. I came across a miliatry record of a Samuel J lone Wolf that was in the 5th division Special Forces, Master Medic did two terms in Vietnam Rank SFc/e 7 got out in '73. I believe is the same guy. He is an older man, around 56. He said he teaches more"original style" not EPAK along the lines of Kajukenbo. I have only talked to him once but he is going tobe having a weekned "open house" demonstration to kick off his opening. He said he also had some schools down aound Galveston, Texas. That's about all I know.


Well I did give Mr. Tracy a call.He was very nice to take time to talk to a
complete stranger..... He really did not say anything nice about Sam Lonewolf.
He did not talk bad about him, he just saud I should stay away from him. That he
is really Hispanic, not Native American like he claims. Mr. Tracy said he ripped
them off twice (He did not go into detail on how) and that he as a long list of
aliases (spelling?) and criminal record. I know that is only one side of the
story, but it doesn't look pretty. I think I will approach Sam and ask Him about
it, I don't know...

I did find reference to him on International society of headfamilies and headfounders( ( On there it shows him as 10th dan Ipiiki Ogami Ryuha Bujutsu and Saigo Ha daito Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. It seems all a little suspect.

Samuel Joseph Lonewolf
Native American Grandmaster
A 7th degree black belt with Al Tracy’s style of Kenpo and Goshin-Ryu Jujitsu, he also holds a 10th degree under John Chow-Hoon and Prof. Thomas S.D. Young in Hawaii Kempo Goshin-Jitsu. With 47 years of martial experience, he owns schools in Palestine, Texas, Puerto Rico and South Dakota. There are 32 black belts under him in his lineage and he is the highest ranking Native American in the martial arts.

his a fake a fraud and a felon

FWS and Native Americans Cooperate on Illegal Trading Conviction
Last year, members of the Native American community in Nashville, Tennessee, apprised FWS agents that Joe Angel Molano (aka Charles Thunderhawk, aka Sam Lone Wolf) was illegally trading in eagle feathers while masquerading as a Native American. The subsequent investigation led to charges against Molano for trading protected wildlife parts and products and his conviction on those charges in federal court last August. Molano was sentenced to 45 days in a federal penitentiary and a year's supervised probation, and fined $500 to reimburse the government for costs incurred during the investigation. Following the investigation, American Indian Movement (AIM) national field director Dennis Banks met with FWS officials to discuss the drafting of a resolution urging all tribal councils to cooperate with FWS law enforcement personnel in fighting illegal trafficking in wildlife. In a press release issued after the conviction, AIM had this to say: "The sentencing brings a halt to a career based on intimidation, violence, lies and disrespect for Indian Peoples and Native Spirituality. Court proceedings brought to light more than 20 aliases, nine felony arrests, and eight different Social Security numbers in the last ten years. Molano's con game was uncovered and denounced by AIM shortly after the Sundance at Pipestone in 1994. Up to then, Molano had been conducting ceremonies and sweats for money. 'This is an important step in the fight to stop the desecration of our ceremonies, sacred items and Indian Peoples", stated Dennis Banks. 'This will send a message to other phony "Medicine Men and women", Indian and non-Indian, that we will no longer tolerate the disrespect and desecration that has occurred in the past ten years.'"
FWS and National Marine Fisheries also announced a new joint management policy last fall which is designed to enhance the role of tribal governments in every aspect of the endangered species program, from provision of information on which species should be protected to more active management of recovering species on or near tribal lands.
Reported by Mike Elkins

Documents menu
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 98 16:52:06 CDTFrom: (Aimfl)Organization: AOL WARNING, FAKE AIM GROUPArticle: 37466To: undisclosed-recipients:;Message-ID:
Fake AIM group
From Florida AIM, 23 June 1998
Recently a group of individuals have falsely begun claiming to be the American Indian Movement in Florida. These individuals are frustrated by Florida AIM's efforts to expose faux medicine people and faux tribal groups-including the Lower Muscogee Creek Tribe whose application for federal acknowledgement was denied because 74% of its membership could not show lineal descendancy from any tribe/Nation.
Further investigation shows that the individuals involved in the charade of claiming to represent the thirty year movement of Indigenous peoples, include but are not limited to:
Kim C. Clark K.C. believed to reside in Polk County, FL Claims to be President.
Jack Exum aka Screaming Eagle believed to reside in Hillsborough County, FL Also claims on documents to be President
David Exum aka Chobee believed to reside in Pasco County, FL
Charles Welch of Tampa, FL listed on documents as State Director. Individual claiming to be Mr. Welch called State Office and denied role. Unable to verify that was in fact Mr. Welch
Vickie Welch of Tampa, FL
James Boettner aka Sawgrass believed to reside in Volusia County
Joseph Molano aka Sam Lonewolf, aka Charles Thunderhawk of Tampa, FL

Sunday, June 29, 2008

International Black Dragon Fighting Society, Felons, thieves and drug dealers.

The International BDFS are people who have no affiliation with no one else. All they can do is suck off of another mans legacy. Their doing to William V Aguiar III the same thing that they did to John Keehan. trying to make money off of the dead. They have no lineage to Grandmaster Keehan only affiliation threw the World Karate Federation.

John Keehan had no affiliation to Koga Ryu Ninjitsu, that why the fake BDFS are all losers.


These are the fakes of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, they have never been ranked in the BDFS. And their the ones who truned their backs on John Keehan. None of them were ever in the BDFS at all their lying to make money for Floyd Webb's film. Their liars cheats and thieves that don't have the balls to fess up to the losers that they are.

The Masters Council will consist of the following members as the Original BDFS and they are:

Head of Family
Douglas Dwyer - 10th Degree - Chicago

Assitant Head
Woody Edwell - 10th Degree - Chicago
Joseph Dodaro - 8th Dgree - Chicago
Victor Moore - 10th Degree - North Carolina
Michael Felkoff - 10th Degree - Las Vegas
Lawrence Day - 10th Degree - Florida
Marty Cale - 10th Degree - Arkansas
Stoffel van Vuuren - 10th Degree - South Africa
John Ward - 8th Degree - Ireland
Carlos Dias - 10th Degree - Puerto Rico
Shihan David Haliva - 6th Degree - Israel
Samuel Joseph Lonewolf - 10th Degree - Texas