Sunday, June 29, 2008


These are the fakes of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, they have never been ranked in the BDFS. And their the ones who truned their backs on John Keehan. None of them were ever in the BDFS at all their lying to make money for Floyd Webb's film. Their liars cheats and thieves that don't have the balls to fess up to the losers that they are.

The Masters Council will consist of the following members as the Original BDFS and they are:

Head of Family
Douglas Dwyer - 10th Degree - Chicago

Assitant Head
Woody Edwell - 10th Degree - Chicago
Joseph Dodaro - 8th Dgree - Chicago
Victor Moore - 10th Degree - North Carolina
Michael Felkoff - 10th Degree - Las Vegas
Lawrence Day - 10th Degree - Florida
Marty Cale - 10th Degree - Arkansas
Stoffel van Vuuren - 10th Degree - South Africa
John Ward - 8th Degree - Ireland
Carlos Dias - 10th Degree - Puerto Rico
Shihan David Haliva - 6th Degree - Israel
Samuel Joseph Lonewolf - 10th Degree - Texas

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